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Roger Zamparo Jr., appears on legal podcast on identity theft issues and remedies

Identity theft awareness and education is increasing due to the efforts of consumer law attorneys and the agencies charged with policing consumer credit and debt management and collection, such as the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Identity theft has evolved with technology and it is easier than ever for thieves to hack computer systems and gain access to your private financial and personal information. The days of dumpster diving may soon be in the past. Meanwhile, the damage caused by identity thieves can linger for years if the identity theft victim fails to take proper action when they discover identity theft.

Use the link to listen the original article with the published link to the podcast, hosted by the Illinois Licensing Consultants and the Chicago health law and litigation firm, Michael V. Favia and Associates, P.C.

Spotting identity theft and taking action with Roger Zamparo

Podcast subject matter:

  • How do identity thieves operate and what do they do with your information?
  • What are some of the new ways thieves use technology to steal identities?
  • How much damage can identity theft cause, in addition to credit problems?
  • What legal remedies are available to credit theft victims and how does it work?
  • If we learn identity theft happens when it is too late, how can we be safe?

Roger explains identity theft and the Zamparo Law Group’s comprehensive response and action plans for clients who learn that someone stole their identity. Roger stresses the importance of ordering quarterly credit reports from www.AnnualCreditReport.com, the official and free service consumers can use to spot and respond to errors in their credit report. Roger states that the Zamparo Law Group does not charge clients for the initial and sometimes very intensive research into the identity breach. Clients learn how and what to do in requesting the credit reporting groups properly reflect your accurate credit history and eliminate any negative marks in connection with identity theft. There are many credit reporting agencies in the marketplace, and some are specialized and few people know about them. If these credit reporting agencies fail to correct your credit report, the Zamparo Law Group can sue them and get paid by them, not you.

The Zamparo Law Group helps men and women fight back against identity theft. Zamparo Law Group attorneys fight and win in court, individually and in consumer rights class action lawsuits.

The Zamparo Law Group, P.C. is a consumer protection law and litigation firm, representing consumer plaintiffs. Zamparo Law Group in the northwest suburbs of Chicago sues and wins against the companies who refuse to follow the law.

To learn more about consumer protection law and the Zamparo Law Group, please visit the firm’s website. You may also ask for a free case review. The Zamparo Law Group is connected on social media, please follow us and share our resources we share on our FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn pages. You may call the Zamparo Law Group with any questions by dialing (224) 875-3202.

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Roger Zamparo Jr. Attorney

Consumer Protection Podcast: Roger Zamparo walks us through an issue spotting exercise in a variety of consumer protection laws, state and federal.

Roger Zamparo recently presented an overview of consumer protection law and litigation on the podcast hosted by the Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants. The program titled, Spotting consumer protection issues and litigation with Roger Zamparo, highlights sources of consumer protection law and several examples of how unfair and deceptive business practices affect consumers.

Zamparo Law Group

The Zamparo Law Group defends consumers from deceptive and unfair business practices, abusive collection tactics, identity theft, and a host of other anti-consumer behaviors.

Topics covered in this podcast interviewclick here to listen now!

  • What is consumer protection law and how do attorneys help you recover from harm?
  • Does an injured victim pay attorneys fees or collect at the end, like in personal injury law?
  • What are the sources of law identifying conduct resulting in a consumer protection violation?
  • A brief overview of fair debt collection laws and what types of wrongs to watch for.
  • How the fair credit rules work and what the credit reporting agencies should do to protect you.
  • About the Driver Privacy Protection Act and concern about motor vehicle records.
  • What the Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires of telemarketers.

Roger Zamparo received a B.A. from Ohio University and his J.D. from The John Marshall Law School (where he is currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees). In his 35-year litigation practice, he has represented individuals and corporations in both state and federal courts. He has concentrated on several areas, including consumer law and legal malpractice. Please contact the Illinois Professional Licensing Consultants at (224) 847-3202 to be connected with Roger Zamparo if you have a consumer protection question or need to consult on your legal matter.

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